Freshman Orientation


Hello and Welcome to my website!

I’m Carly Crawford and yes I’m the same gregarious and highly sought-after beauty you probably remember as Curvy Coed Carly.

For those of you who are discovering me for the first time: Welcome, I’m excited at the possibility of beginning a fulfilling friendship where I can exceed your expectations! For those whom I’ve had the pleasure of entertaining in the past: Welcome Back; I can’t wait for you to see how much I’ve grown and accomplished since our last encounter… 

I stumbled upon this endeavor during my time as a Psychology Undergraduate at UNLV (hence my former co-ed moniker) and what began as a purely academic fascination with this little “hobby” of ours soon became an outlet to explore my playfully seductive nature, as well as a way to save for Graduate School but most importantly it gave me the opportunity to create meaningful connections with those seeking something beyond the typical hourly companionship experience.

As I continued into Graduate School the dichotomy of my double-life became even more apparent. I was studying Sex & Relationship therapy by day but by night as Carly I was learning so much more about Sex & Relationships than I ever could in the classroom. A textbook can’t explain what has drawn either of us here today, but I have an idea… You’re living a successful life meeting the needs of everyone else yet it’s been forever since you’ve been excited about anything and probably even longer since you’ve done something indulgent purely for yourself.

For me, I discovered as Carly I began to crave the rush of seeing who’s on the other side of the door (it still gives me butterflies to this day). I found that recognizing and then exceeding the needs of my suitors fulfilled me in ways my 9-5 job never could, and finally accepted that the feeling of making someone happy, even if only for a few hours, will forever fuel my soul. So here we are today… I’ve achieved the academic & professional licensing goals I had set forth for myself and yet some part of me still longs to connect with people on a much deeper level than you can in a typical therapy session. So I’ve decided to continue to enjoy my time as Carly, not for the notoriety, or the money, but because my innate desire to improve the lives of everyone I meet is just who I am… and I’m so fortunate to have an outlet like this to experience these things with YOU!

Please take some time to navigate through my website; you will find my recent Photos, along with Compensation details, my Travel Schedule and even client Testimonials! Once you are ready to schedule some time together please fill out my Contact Form and we can start planning a memorable Las Vegas Encounter! I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting soon...

 XOXO, Carly