Extra Credit 
Gifts and Favorite Things

Gifts and Tips are never expected but as I always do my best to create a true first-date experience if you'd like to include a token of your affection here are a few of my Favorite Things!

My Amazon Wish List- CLICK HERE you can have any of these gifts shipped directly to me (Amazon Has my Address) or you can have them shipped to your hotel and give them to me in person. Make sure you include your name & email in the notes section so I know who to thank!  

Red Wine 
I enjoy all varieties of red wine but I am usually drawn to Merlots or Cabernet! A few samples at various price points- Menage a Trois (approx $10), Franciscan Magnificat (approx $50) Jordan (Approx $70) Quintessa (approx $150) 
I am a sucker for a great Box of Chocolates- Milk, White or Dark I don't discriminate, lol. If the Chocolate includes caramel, sea salt or bacon even better!  My ultimate indulgent treats are the Chocolate Covered Marshmallows or the Butterfinger Sticks from the Jean Philippe Patisserie which can be found inside of the Bellagio or Aria or can be ordered from the link above!

Having such a unique body shape means women's clothing is always hard to buy without trying on but if you have something you'd like to bring for me I'm typically a size Medium/6 or 8 and a shoe size 9!

Gift Cards
 Gift Cards are the gift that always fits, lol! Especially in the age of electronic gift cards that can be emailed before our date in case there is something you've seen that you'd like me to wear during our time together you can easily email me the item link and the gift card and it will be ready for our date! 
Carnival Cruise Line
Victoria's Secret
Agent Provocateur 
Email me for a list of my favorite stores!