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If you've ever wondered what spending time with that sexy co-ed next door is really like take a moment to visit my personal review page on The Erotic Review by clicking the image below. I think you'll agree that I can give you the experience you've fantasized about... and more!!

For those of you without full VIP access I have included a few discreet excerpts from my stellar collection of testimonials from the past year organized by the type of encounter so you know exactly what to expect during the type of date you seek! (To read the full review click on the author's name/white link)

1hr and 2hr Date Reviews 

 OK, Carly is amazing, and I can't even fathom what anyone could possibly say negative about her. I'm not much for the numerical reviews, but she has to be a 10 if there is a 10. -SZ1984 (Oct 2015)   

 May be the most beautiful provider I have ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous. And her personality and attitude are even better than her looks...and that is saying something. You will NOT be disappointed. -TACKLE73 (Feb 2016) 

Overall the experience reminded me of two lovers that met after not seeing each other for a while I commented to her after our session that she f**** me like she loved me, and that, folks is the reason while I'll be looking her up every time I return to Vegas –SWIMMERSBRO (Sept 2015) 

This is an extraordinary woman. However, as I have said in many reviews, the experience will be only as good as you put into it. These remarkable sexual experiences are a two way street. She deserves your attention, respect and deep affection, and you will leave the experience as satisfied as you ever could possibly hope for -FUNLVR1818 (Sept 2015)  

 I'm in my 60s, so 2 pops is usually my limit, but I'll be going to the spank-bank with memories of Curvy Coed Carly. Europe, Asia, S. America, Canada, and dozen US cities have held some fine memories over the years. I've had bad experience with the upsell, bad attitude of Vegas trash. But now, Las Vegas holds a memory in my global top 5 Providers ever. -SURF4U (April 2015) 

If it seems like I am a little overenthusiastic in regard to Carly, well I am- I have not encountered anyone like her in this hobby and I couldn't have enjoyed my time any more than I did. -THEGOODCOOK (June 2015)  

3 Hr Date Reviews 

Smart, sexy, blond and busty. YES, Carly is all those things and so much more. Time with Carly is a treasure. You must find a way to meet her. Think of a girl that would make you think of Kate Upton. Carly is as sweet and as sexual and as beautiful of a lady as you will ever meet, if you saw her to often she would capture your heart. She is a must see. -SPORTSGUY123 (April 2015) 

 I've seen Carly a few times now, and she is one in a million. I've had several 10 models before, but I am done seeing them, as they cannot hold a candle to Carly. With all the others I've had, there is no real passion -MAYBERRYDWELLER (March 2015) 

  4 Hr Dinner Date Reviews 

I hate to write a play-by-play but hope to convey the wonderful, beautiful and positive women she is. She enjoys this and really brings the Dinner Date experience to a whole new level. -SOUTHGENT (Oct 2015)  

If you have the opportunity to spend time with her, don't pass it up. She is fucking gorgeous, and there is no way to give her anything less than 10's across the board. She is not an anorexic porn chick, she's got an amazing athletic body. She is a woman, with curvy hips, huge tits, awesome legs, a gorgeous face and a personality that is angelic! She has made my All Time Favorite list and is someone I hope I can continue to call a friend. -STEELRAIN91 (March 2015) 

I’m unbelievably glad I did. While I can’t say that dinner was the most fun part of the date, it certainly topped my expectations. I’ve never had a more wonderful dinner companion. Carly is very beautiful and very smart. She has interesting things to say on any subject and completely put me at ease. The whole evening was fabulous and I hope the stars align again next time I’m in Las Vegas. -MAX411 (Dec 2015)

 6hr Dinner Date Reviews 

We arranged a dinner date—I originally asked for a 4 hour date, but changed to her 6 hr. (only a marginal amount more than the 4hr.) to give us more time to enjoy the night! This was by far the most fun I have ever had with a provider. I have had great times (sexually) and have even had fulfilling times (intellectually), but this was all of that AND fun, in a lighthearted, “let’s paint the town red” way. I guess this is what is meant by "forgot it was a service" in the review tab! -RUNAROUNDSTU  (April 2015)

 Dinner in itself is a remarkable experience with Carly, she is very smart, well versed and conversation leads some out of this world after dinner activities. I highly recommend her 6hr dinner date. Some may think I’ve fallen and am now hopeless. Don’t worry I fully understand this hobby and all it implies but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with a few of the special people that participate in it. GFE is where it’s at for me and Carly is one of the best. -BTVEGAS (Feb 2015) 

My date with Carly was one of my best experiences that I have ever had in over 14 years in the hobby. I would recommend Carly to anyone looking for a beautiful young lady, who is very intelligent, and with whom you can have a great conversation. I'm in my late 60's, and I look for someone with a great attitude who provides a very relaxing atmosphere, which in turn results in having an excellent GFE -1DEAN941 (Jan 2015) 

Carly presents as a professional woman, an executive. She is educated and intellectual. If you need a date for a formal business function, someone to introduce as a colleague or consultant, Carly is the provider you want. She speaks with an extensive vocabulary, and is proper in every action she takes; how she sits, how she shakes hands and how she holds her hand bag. Our dinner discussion involved education, current affairs and business, topics of which she demonstrated confident command. She is the completed package; intelligent, classy and an extremely erotic PSE. Personally I've never cared for the acronym terms, but it really is the best way to described Carly's style. It is an erotic performance. -ISHOOTCRAPS (June 2014) 

I was looking for an evening dinner date companion.. I had an amazing time with Carly and I highly recommend her. Without question one of the best providers that I have ever had the privilege and good fortune to spend time with! Carly is the perfect dinner companion. A great conversationalist, a good listener, and also a real foodie. She requested we be seated at a cozy booth next to each other so there was plenty of discreet groping and eye contact. -JEDK (April 2014)

Overnight and Weekend Date Reviews 

She was wonderful with me all night in the time we spent in public and in private, and I am not at all hesitant giving my first 10/10 review. After the 1st round of playtime we cleaned up, and took a quick shower together, and then went to dinner and a show. We enjoyed our time together throughout. She was very warm, polite and allowed me to make all the decisions. She was even respectful of prices on the dinner menu, and acted just as though she were my real girlfriend all night, making me feel very comfortable. Fantastic time. Highly recommend. -HOBBYFANFORNOW (July 2015)  

Carly is pretty much everything anyone in the hobby could want; physically beautiful of course with great legs, an incredible ass, large responsive breasts and a smile that lights up a room, but also smart, funny, a great personality and a really nice person as well. One of the best things about this overnite session is actually the time afterwards when we fell asleep in bed in each other's arms about 1:30am. As I lay there in bed with Carly laying in my arms I actually looked at her deep asleep and thought to myself there is an angel laying there under by arm as that is the way she looked: Angelic, exhausted, content, absolutely stunning once again. -TIGERA (June 2014)

 Knock on the door. Wow. So pretty! I was very very happy. Model like face, Great body, Amazing Tits, Super smile....and she had a great personality and attitude. I knew this was going to be a fun overnight. After the 1st round of fun in the room we got dressed and then headed to dinner, our reservations at a casino steakhouse at her suggestion. Dinner was so much fun. She was so interesting and great to talk to, and she still kept it flirty throughout. Holding my hand, her hand on my thigh, small kisses throughout. After a great dinner we had a few more drinks, gambled a bit, and then headed back to room. -IDE211 (May 2014)